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If you are using our youtube to mp3 service and it's useful to you then we ask that you lend a helping hand. The amount of bandwidth needed to run our service is huge and it cost about $2500/month. For the past 5 months we have been more then happy to flip the bill when needed. In most cases it was needed every month to some degree. Our goal is to raise enough funds to pay for our bandwidth all year. If we reach this goal we can continue to run youtube to mp3 service with no interuptions, commercials, ect. Please note we run very few commercials or ads. Most this kind of services need those ads to make money or they are funded by donations from you.

Every dollar helps keep the YoutubeMP3pro.com network up and running. We do understand things are tight these days. Just remember even $1 gets us closer to our goal. If you would like to help us out please choose PayPal option on this page.

Recurring Donation

Please use the form below to enter your desired giving amount and how often (weekly, monthly, yearly) you'd like to make your automatic donation. Note: PayPal account required.



One-Time Donation

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